I would like to take this opportunity to share with you the information which my family obtained while caring for our own FIV+ cat. The information contained on this site was acquired from books, several medical as well as homeopathic vets, and from our hands on experience.

I'll always remember the day my beloved cat, Jac, was diagnosed with full blown Feline AIDS. NOTE: I should clarify that full blown Feline AIDS refers to the point when the infected cat begins to show symptoms. It is a term used by many homeopathic vets and some medical vets. However, depending on which doctor you go to, they may tell you there is no such thing.

Jac had been suffering from repeated upper respiratory infections, a loss of appetite, stiffening in his joints and subsequent difficulty walking, overall loss of strength, severe loss of hair (it was coming out in chunks much like the hair of someone being treated for cancer), pussy drainage from both eyes, and more. According to the doctor who did his bloodwork, he was in grave condition and probably just a matter of days or weeks from death.

At this stage in Jac's treatment, all medical options such as antibiotics and steroids had been exhausted. It was at this point that my family learned about natural treatments for the first time. We introduced a combination of homeopathic therapies to Jac's overall treatment strategy. Jac was able to recover from his immediate crisis and enjoy a high quality of life for the time he had left.

Jac passed away just a few months short of his 18th birthday. All of the vets who cared for Jac during his most critical phase were amazed that he was able to recover and survive for 2 1/2 years.

What follows is a summary of everything we have learned through trial and error, as well as the information shared with us by the above mentioned vets. It is my hope that by providing this information here, I can spare pet owners the frantic search for information which my family endured when Jac was initially diagnosed.

Thomas Hapka

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