Cats faced with Feline AIDS have two fundamental problems:

  • the disease is literally destroying their immune system;
  • the disease leeches vitamins, minerals, etc., from their bodies (which causes multiple health problems and only accelerates the destruction of the immune system).

The very best weapon to combat these problems is long-term nutritional support through foods and supplements. Medical vets frequently overlook this important treatment option while caring for cats with Feline AIDS.

After re-reading what I've said so far, I feel the need to make an important clarification. Drugs ARE sometimes necessary. In fact, medications such as antibiotics can be quite useful WHEN THEY ARE USED PROPERLY. However, many medical vets routinely misuse these drugs.

Medical vets who simply aren't aware of any better options attempt to treat FIV+ cats with massive doses of antibiotics, steroids, AZT, and vaccinations. These are the single worst things you can do for an FIV+ cat, and are potentially fatal for a cat with full blown Feline AIDS.



Going back to nutrition, there is one key rule to remember: KEEP YOUR CAT EATING. If your cat will only eat McDonald's chicken sandwiches, that is far better than having them stop eating altogether. Keep your cat eating at all costs.

It is almost impossible to keep an FIV+ cat alive and healthy on nothing but cat food. Even the finest cat foods on the market (including foods like Science Diet which are frequently recommended by veterinarians) DO NOT meet all the nutritional needs of an FIV+ cat.

While my family and I were taking care of Jac, a number of foods were recommended to us by various vets. Some of these foods were suggested because of their immense nutritional value. Others are appetizers which can be helpful if your FIV+ cat isn't interested in eating. I will share some of Jac's favorites with you. You will need to experiment to find which foods your cat enjoys.

RAW CHICKEN LIVER AND RAW SKINLESS CHICKEN BREAST are two excellent foods to try. In their raw form, these foods have an extremely high nutritional content. Jac received these daily. Not all cats like these foods, but they are worth a try. I've heard from several pet owners who said their cats improved dramatically after they started eating raw chicken liver and raw skinless chicken breasts. NOTE: Both of these foods were recommended by medical and homeopathic vets.

CHICKEN BROTH: You can cook a whole chicken or chicken parts in a crock pot for 4 hours on a HIGH setting. Pour the broth from the crock pot and let your cat drink it. If YOUR CAT WON'T EAT, you can squirt it down their throat in a syringe with the needle removed (COOL IT DOWN FIRST!).

ALASKAN POLLOCK is a common fish in most grocery store meat counters. We cooked that for Jac in a frying pan for about 8 minutes (turning it often to prevent burning). It doesn't have as much nutrition as the above items, but it can get a sick cat eating again.

2 RAW SCRAMBLED EGGS in 1 cup of milk was another favorite of Jac's. Again, all cats are different. However, many cats will drink this mixture when they won't eat or drink anything else. NOTE: If your cat has never tolerated milk this would not be a good idea.

LOW SODIUM, LOW FAT, SOLID WHITE TUNA IN SPRING WATER: Star Kist has developed this line of tuna which is extremely pure. It doesn't have the salts and chemicals that otherwise make tuna a bad idea for cats.

DELI SANDWICH MEAT: If your cat will not eat, you can go to your local grocery store deli and request a few slices of chicken breast sandwich meat. More than once this food got Jac eating again when he was not feeling his best.

BABY FOOD: Chicken flavor or beef flavor Gerber baby food can get a cat eating. It has almost NO nutritional value, but the taste can get a sick cat eating again. This one is also useful when they have mouth problems.

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