Vitamins And Nutritional Supplements

At the risk of repeating myself, nutritional supplements are a MUST for anyone treating a cat with Feline AIDS. Regrettably, it is simply NOT possible to get a cat to faithfully eat the vitamins they need.

Frankly, most vitamins taste so bad that I recommend against putting vitamins in your cat's food. The last thing you want is to make your cat stop eating because his/her food is tainted with yucky tasting supplements.

What we were forced to do with Jac was to develop a "sports-drink" of sorts which contained all of his supplements. Throughout the time we cared for Jac, we made a number of different versions of this drink. I'll provide you with the recipe we used most.

Simplified Version Of Jac Hapka's Sports Drink


8,000 mg

Bone Meal Powder

10,000 mg

Vitamin E (400 i.u. softgels)

6 capsules

Vitamin A (25,000 i.u. softgels)

6 capsules

Echinacea homeopathic tablets
(3X or 6X potency)

25 tablets

Acidophilus (powder or capsules)

the highest potency you can find

Nature's Plus Osteo Calcium Formula

6 Capsules

Initially we gave Jac 6 CC's of this drink four times per day. We simply squirted the drink down his throat in a syringe (with the needle removed!). However, each animal is different. If you choose to try this approach, you may want to start slow -- 3 CC's once per day is a good place to start.

See how the animal tolerates it before going further. NOTE: Its always best to squirt the drink toward the side of the mouth. If you shoot straight down the middle of the cat's throat, some of the drink could get into the cat's lungs. Aiming toward the back of the mouth and off to either side is best.

All of the ingredients in the shake can be mixed in the blender with 1 cup of water and several scoops of Bryers Vanilla Ice cream. It usually takes about 10 minutes to break these down into a liquefied state. If it appears too thick, I usually add a little water.

If your can't doesn't drink milk you can leave out the ice cream and mix all of this in water instead (but it will taste horrible!). Another option is to purchase a can of the milk substitute which so many vet clinics carry. It helps with the taste problem, and it gives the drink a better overall consistency.

Your cat may experience some gas or loose stools. You will have to find your cat's bowel tolerance (the point where diarrhea begins, at which time you slightly reduce the amount of Vitamin C until the stools are a little better formed and gas is reduced).


Lita Radford of offers a diverse range of combination homeopathic remedies. She is a highly skilled holistic practitioner, and she has considerable experience with Feline AIDS and other serious diseases like Feline Leukemia.  Her email address is:

Echinacea Homeopathic Tablets (3X or 6X strength) Echinacea is an excellent remedy for getting the immune system working. At your local health food store, you should be able to buy echinacea in a 3X or 6X homeopathic remedy form (you are specifically looking for the homeopathic remedy version -- tiny white tablets usually made from milk-sugar). These tablets are great because they have no taste and won't likely cause the stomach upset which raw echinacea herbs can cause. It's also fairly cheap (about $4 per bottle).

Nature's Plus Osteo Calcium Formula

NOTE: This is a comprehensive calcium formula which contains an excellent calcium supplement as well as several other things which help the body absorb the calcium. Several companies make similar products --- usually in a softgel capsule. If your health food store doesn't have the Nature's Plus version, look for something similar.

Buffered Vitamin C: It is important to use a buffered supplement so you don't irritate the stomach. NOW makes an "Ester-C" in a powder form which is excellent in this regard. As Diane Stein explains in the book, Vitamin C boosts the immune system, kills many germs and bacteria, and can help to retard the progression of even lethal diseases like cancer and AIDS.

Bone Meal: FIV literally extracts calcium from the bones of FIV+ cats (even before they start showing symptoms). This eventually makes them become frail (hence the scrawny look so many FIV cats have), and it also weakens their immune system. Bone Meal is made from crushed cattle bones and has been clinically proven to assist cats in recovering bone mass. It is ideal if you can give your cat bone meal as well as an Osteo-calcium formula like the one I described earlier.

Acidophilus: FIV destroys the healthy bacteria normally found in the colon (antibiotics kill these also!). Without these cats are only that much more vulnerable to upper respiratory infections and other problems. Acidophilus supplements are great for helping to restore the normal bacterial balance. Buy the highest yield acidophilus you can find (powder forms are best) -- the label will usually say something like "5 billion live cultures at the time of packaging."

Vaccinations: On the subject of vaccinations, you should never, NEVER vaccinate a cat with full blown Feline AIDS. Administering vaccines at that point only further damages the immune system. Several of the vets I have spoken with will NOT vaccinate a cat with full blown Feline AIDS (some won't even vaccinate a cat who is FIV+). If you have a homeopathic vet, this is something you should discuss with them.



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